Rope Access Services


RopeCrew offers a wide range of industrial and commercial rope access services to the construction, mining and commercial sectors. We specialise in high access maintenance and installation projects by means of specialised industrial abseiling techniques to access difficult-to-reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or mobile elevated work platforms. Our rope access services include, but is not limited to, signage installation and maintenance, building maintenance and high access painting.


RopeCrew’s rope access services include high access painting projects and with our dedicated and highly skilled high access painting team we provide a superior painting solution for all commercial, industrial and retail properties. Compared to the more conventional access methods used, rope access has proved to be the quickest and most effective access method for high access painting projects and it holds notable logistical benefits. Our team is trained to execute every job to perfection and aim to meet all expectations.  All high access painting is done by strict manufacturer guidelines and specifications.


Since RopeCrew was founded in 2010 we have built up a wealth of experience working in the signage industry where we’ve partnered with various high profile clients in South Africa and other cross border locations in Africa. We offer rope access services for the signage installation of small to large commercial, industrial and retail projects.

Our rope access high rise signage installation and sign maintenance services enable our clients’ signs to be positioned and maintained for maximum impact which would normally be difficult using traditional methods. We offer a full signage fitting, signage installation and signage maintenance service of a wide range of exterior building signs as well as media banners. If required, our service could also include the co-ordination of Health and Safety requirements for installation projects.  


High rise buildings require exterior building maintenance to keep them aesthetically pleasing and to prevent costly damage due to prolonged neglect. We have also seen in increase in renovation projects of multi-level and high rise buildings across Gauteng, especially in the city centres of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Our team is highly experienced in offering a wide range of building maintenance and exterior renovation services using rope access. Our rope access services include plastering, waterproofing, sealing, structural repairs, gutter maintenance, cleaning and bird-proofing or any other work where non-conventional access methods are needed.

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