Looking for a job? Become a rope access technician in South Africa.

Do you have what it takes to become a rope access technician?

There are extremely tall buildings in all of South Africa’s large cities. Have you ever wondered how they’re cleaned and maintained on the outside? Who erects signage on tall buildings and platforms? Who installs structures and facilities for the oil and gas industry offshore?

Rope Crew prides ourselves in training  South Africans to become professional Rope Access Technicians. Once they are qualified, they’re able to reach places others aren’t able to and provide much needed services, including maintenance, painting, cleaning and rigging services.

What does it take to be a rope access technician?

Here are a few requirements you must meet if you want to get qualified as a technician in the rope access field. You must be:

  1. Comfortable with working at extreme heights.
  2. Physically able to climb up and abseil down tall buildings and structures.
  3. Fully committed to working hard and thriving in a team.
  4. Willing to get the relevant training required to become a rope access technician. You can book a Rope Access Level 1 course to get training on basic access and rescue under supervision. Practitioner and Supervisors courses are also available.

Why you should become a Rope Access Technician?

Here are some of the many benefits of becoming a rope access technician in South Africa:

  • You will become fit and strong. Rope access is a physically demanding job. The job itself will increase your physical strength and fitness.
  • There is room to grow in a career. If you are an ambitious individual, you have the opportunity to advance in a career in rope access. You can start by getting completing multiple qualification courses.
  • You will enjoy breathtaking views. The view is always better from up high. You will see places in a way not many people get to see.
  • Your coordination will improve. Rope access requires good coordination. Especially because you will need to perform physical tasks while managing ropes.
  • You will develop an intricate skills. It takes a lot of skill to ascend a very tall skyscraper. You will have to focus hard to stay safe while tying knots and performing tasks at such great heights.

Get trained with us!

Rope Crew provides training for individuals and companies. If you’d like to find out more about our rope access training, visit our website for contact details. We’re looking forward to helping you develop your career in rope access.

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