Cleaning Services


RopeCrew’s cleaning division provides a range of high access cleaning services for hard to reach spaces using rope access and other specialised equipment. In addition to this we also offer multi-level and high access window cleaning services.

Our cleaning services for high access cleaning projects has offered our clients a cost effective alternative solution to conventional methods used to reach and clean interior or exterior areas of buildings. Our highly-experienced high access cleaning team’s services include, but is not limited to, exterior and interior pressure washing, dusting and gentle cleaning of warehouses, building exteriors, atrium spaces, steel structures, decorative structures, lighting, vents and piping.


RopeCrew’s cleaning services also include superior and cost effective multi-level and high access window cleaning solutions. We make use of rope access window cleaning methods for high access windows or our telescopic water fed pole systems for up to 3 storey level. This has proved to be very convenient, effective, safe and economic option to our commercial and residential clients. We pride ourselves in having positive environmental impact and will execute any window cleaning service with minimal disruption.

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